The Butcher and Brewer

"Since we have been in lock down mode at the Butcher, We have had tremendous support from Juanita. Instantly she had realised that there may be a need for a takeaway app and was onto it way before we asked.

The addition to the base App was quickly and efficiently delivered and has saved me a lot of stress during this difficult time.

Juanita is easy to talk to and she listens to what we have to say and is more than happy to help and fix things if necessary. We are happy to promote “Serve me” and we see it as being a major asset in the new style of table service and the restrictions placed on venues.

“Serve me” is great for social distancing and promoting contactless service and Juanita is on hand and ready to help were ever and how ever she needs to."

Paul Rowan
The Butcher and Brewer


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