Why ServeMe?

1 Clear Menu Viewing and Simple Ordering

Restaurant diners use the ServeMe App to scan their table's unique QR code. ServeMe will then lead diners through a simple ordering process, showing the full menu with one-click order selection.

2 Easily Note Your Special Menu Requirements

When ordering, diners can note any special requirements beside individual menu items. Overall requirements can also be communicated, for example, courses served together or separately.

3 Confirm Your Order and Request Service

Diners can check and confirm their final order before it is submitted through the App to Restaurant staff. With just one click on the ServeMe App, diners can also request personal service from staff.

4 See Your Order Status And View Updates

Whether diners have ordered individually or together, all orders for your table will be visible on the ServeMe App. View updates on the status of your order, including items served, and yet to be served.

Tablet Screenshot

Make ordering easy for your customers with a beautiful app

ServeMe is an easy to use and stylishly beautiful state-of-the-art tool for restaurants who are dedicated to providing a first-rate dining experience for their visiting diners.

ServeMe establishes a streamlined ordering process for diners, including straightforward menu selection and notation of any special individual requirements or group requirements. These may include individual preferences such as gluten or dairy free, and/or group requirements such as courses served together or separately.

Confirmed orders are sent through to restaurant staff, who have the ability to easily update and modify orders if requested by diners. With one click of the "Request Service" button, diners can request the attendance of a staff member to adjust an order, or for any other reason. Restaurant staff can also process orders on behalf of any patrons who choose not to order through the App.

Restaurant staff will have a clear list of all orders by individual and table. All individual ordered items can be allocated by restaurant staff into a current status, including “Not Yet Served” or “Served”. Once applied, these status updates will be sent out to diners as an update notification, effectively assuring them that their orders are important, and are being prepared/served.

Restaurant staff have the ability to print orders directly from ServeMe, either as a whole per-table menu, or split into categories for different service sections; such as drinks menu for bar staff, main menu work order for Chef or dessert order for pastry chef.

For optimal peace of mind and a thoroughly enjoyable dining experience, ServeMe will ensure your diners have a clear view of the menu, the individual order, the full table order, and that they are updated with the status of each order and can request additional service at any time, allowing them to better relax and enjoy the experience.

ServeMe creates a platform of efficiency, ensuring your service is attentive and accommodating, ideal for relaxed garden restaurants and bars through to romantic fine dining.

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